Thanksgiving 2015 Guided Meditation

Soryu Forall leads a guided meditation on gratitude, trustworthiness, and community for the 2015 Center for Mindful Learning Thanksgiving Potluck.


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Peter Williams

Peter has always aimed to make the world a better place. At age fifteen, he volunteered for a progressive mayoral candidate, and got hooked on social change. While attaining a Master’s degrees in Political Science and Sustainable Business, he threw himself into a career as an advocate and organizer for democracy, human rights, and the environment.A decade of championing progressive causes introduced Peter to the challenges of apathy, burnout, and corruption. Searching for answers, Peter turned inward through lucid dreaming, labyrinth walking, and wilderness meditation. Direct experience of interconnectivity and compassion renewed Peter’s calling, and recurring dreams brought him to lead workshops on meditation, mindfulness, and lucid dreaming.By living in a community that uses mindfulness to help others, Peter is learning to harness the metamorphic power of contemplative practice for building a loving and harmonious world.

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