Our Commitment to Inclusivity


Inclusivity Statement

The Center for Mindful Learning acknowledges that suffering is a human condition often intensified by the biases, prejudices, behaviors and societal structures that favor or harm individuals and peoples because of race, class, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, mental and physical differences, political party, religious commitment or other beliefs and positions. We welcome and affirm all who come here in search of freedom from habits that cause suffering, and who will work toward respectful acceptance across our many differences.

CML is actively engaged in activities and initiatives that make real our aspiration to dissolve barriers that separate us from each other so that all feel welcome, seen, and heard. This commitment to diversity and inclusivity is grounded in our understanding that one’s own liberation is intimately tied up with the liberation of all. Nowhere in our extraordinary diversity can any ultimate separation be found. This is the truth that guides us.


Inclusivity Committee

CML aims to ensure to the best of its ability that all individuals in its community feel welcome, seen and heard. As such, it has formed a committee tasked with evaluating all CML policies, programming, practices, assumptions and attitudes, and with making recommendations concerning inclusivity, diversity, and potential barriers to participation.

*Our Commitment to Inclusivity is inspired by the Brooklyn Zen Center, New York Insight Meditation Center, and Dharma Rain Zen Center.  CML extends endless gratitude for the good work that these organizations have done in this important field.