Our Vow

Most organizations have visions, purposes, missions, and bottom lines; we have a vow. A vow is a deep commitment to being of service to the world, to excel in a way that helps all living beings, or, more playfully, to “dance the dance that only we can dance.”

Our vow is to integrate wisdom, love, and power.

Years training awakened leaders

Average hours of meditation per month (per resident)

Number of children using our Modern Mindfulness program every day

The Center for Mindful Learning has been changing the world with mindfulness since 2011.

How we manifest our vow:

Monastic Academy

Our residential program develops leaders who embody wisdom, power, and love through extensive mindfulness training and running the non-profit organization.

Modern Mindfulness

Our interactive, online mindfulness program empowers students and their teachers with the skills of focus and relaxation in just five minutes a day.


We offer guided meditations, courses, and day-long retreats to support the meditation practices of our local and virtual community.

Be a part of our journey


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