In this evening’s talk, Daniel Thorson, a CML resident, discusses the theme of stories. Daniel begins by saying that he spent much of his life seeking stories that would give him ultimate meaning and explanation (social theories, philosophies, etc.) but that he soon realized no story worked. Until he found Buddhism. By following the story of Buddhism (sitting still and observing one’s experience) not only did the need for a meaningful and explanatory story loosen, the very story of Buddhism seemed to self destruct.

Deepen your understanding of this talk by following the associated Guided Meditation.

This talk was given on January 25th, 2015.

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At CML, we are creating an educational system in which mindfulness and traditional study are fully integrated. This will allow students to learn more deeply and more quickly. They will see the world from a larger perspective, create happier lives, succeed more than those without mindfulness skills, and create a better future.

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