Jacob Newman, a CEDAR resident, leads us in a meditation on those who have passed away and then grounds us in our breath.

Complete this guidance by listening to the associated Dharma Talk.

This guidance was given on October 19th, 2014.

Most guidances consist of two 30-minute periods of practice in stillness with a five-minute period of movement in the middle.

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Toby Sola

As a child, Toby’s Awakening began with Yom Kippur fasting, wood wandering, and Shamanic Sweat Lodges. In 2011, Toby met Soryu Forall and began practicing, teaching, and researching mindfulness more seriously. As a practitioner, he likes mining his emotional body sensations as a source of wisdom and using his physical senses to – like a ninja – be hyper aware of his surroundings. As a teacher, Toby specializes in Self Actualization and working with people who suffer from anxiety. Toby has taught mindfulness in a variety of settings including: in-person and phone-based retreats, after school programs, and college campuses.While at Vassar College, Toby conducted a Social Studies research project entitled, Reflection, Reproduction, and Challenging at the Brooklyn Zen Center: Complexifying Cultural Capital, Gentrification, the Mindfulness Movement, and Scale and a Cognitive Science research project entitled, Breath, Self, and World: Pioneering Meditation Pedagogy. Toby’s sense of Responsibility includes Social Justice, Political Geography, and the power of live music. Toby joined CML in July of 2014 and is in heaven.
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