My First Month at a Monastery

What is a modern monastery like? Well, my first month at the Monastic Academy was intense. The residents were friendly, and warm and seemed to be natural in a way I hadn’t experienced from many people. They weren’t afraid to be weird, and they seemed less affected by... read more

From Academic to Mindful

Here’s a story about when I flew around the world to Vermont and joined a “modern monastery”. Before getting on the plane from Germany to Vermont, USA, I had spent my time studying for a PhD, doing highbrow and needlessly heady stuff. Ironically, while being in the... read more

Hair as Practice

Hair. We’ve all got it. For most of us, it’s a fashion accessory at best and a nuisance at worst. But with the right outlook, hair can be turned into a powerful opportunity for spiritual development. Both close shaves and lengthy manes have been used by a wide range... read more

The Choiceless Choice

For almost two years, I lived at the Center for Mindful Learning, now located in Johnson, Vermont. It is true that, if given the choice, I would have never gone. But sometimes life is so gracious as to offer us this choiceless opportunity, to step into and out of... read more

You Can Do It

“You can do it.”  That’s the mantra that Center for Mindful Learning Founder and Director Soryu Forall gave us residents before embarking for one-and-a-half months of retreat at the Sogen-ji temple in Japan. The phrase applies to many aspects of the CML... read more

Resolution for the New Year

Transcription of New Year’s Eve Talk:   We come to the end of another year. For many of us, we’ve spent this entire year together. We began this program just under two years ago, so this was the first complete calendar year that we have functioned as... read more

CML is expanding and looking for new residents!

We are building a modern monastery that is socially engaged and economically sustainable. Want to join? On March 1st the Center for Mindful Learning will be moving to beautiful Johnson, VT and expanding our residential program. There we will spend the next year in an... read more

What’s really going on here?

Taking a strictly materialist-scientific point of view, one might come to the conclusion that all that really “exists” is physical matter. Things have independent proprieties and are there if we are looking at them or not. Why not believe this? It seems to fit with... read more