Position Opening: Assistant Teacher

Our mission is to create a mindfulness-based residential education system, and thereby create leaders and systems that transform society.

Currently, we have a dozen residents with a rigorous training schedule, divided roughly equally between training in stillness and service to society.

As the assistant teacher, you will work closely with Soryu Forall, our guiding teacher, in implementing the core mission of the Center for Mindful Learning, as well as stewarding and developing the rigorous contemplative training of all the trainees.


  • 5 years of monastic practice in an established tradition
  • Respect and gratitude for the lineage of mystical traditions
  • Interest in adapting and possibly improving the effectiveness of traditional practice
  • Interest in both Awakening (transcending the world) and Responsibility (improving the world)
  • Fluency in English


  • Assist in the development of both sides of the residential program (Awakening and Responsibility)
  • Oversee the day-to-day functioning of the training center (schedule, community relations, receiving gifts, managing relationships between trainees)
  • Develop and sustain relationships with donors
  • Produce written content regarding the training
  • Oversee the organization’s mission to lovingly serve all living things
  • Scrutinize the training’s ability to provide deep insight as it adapts to a new era

Apply by contacting Soryu Forall (soryuforall@cml.me)