Teachers often say that they’d love to bring mindfulness into their classroom, but they don’t have the time to master another set of skills and curricula.

With the support of our proven interactive online program, begin teaching mindfulness right away.

Modern Mindfulness was designed in a public school, in collaboration with public school teachers, students and mindfulness experts.
That’s why teachers use it, and that’s why students love it. 
  1. It’s quick!  The interactive program guides students in daily 5 minute mindfulness exercises.
  2. It’s easy!  We train teachers in exactly what they need to know so they can start right away.
  3. It’s effective!  Disciplinary referrals at Smilie elementary dropped from 125 to 42 after using the program for one year.

Take a training, empower youth, change the world.

Empower youth with focus and relaxation: change the world